Captured by Christ.
      Brother Parker Jordan made his perpetual vows on Saturday, July 5th after years of formation and ministry training. The joy of his heart is the deep friendship he shares with Christ.
      The Vocation of Brother.
      As brothers we walk beside the faithful and share the Gospel in a practical and approachable way. We enjoy our work with college students who have so many questions and such a hunger for the truth.
      Out in God's Creation.
      Each summer the brothers go on outdoor excursions to push ourselves physically and reach new heights. Like our patron Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati, we see mountain climbing as an outward expression of our spiritual struggle: Verso l'alto!
      Radical Consecration.
      We make an offering of our lives to Jesus, our beloved Master and most dear Friend. He alone is worthy of everything a man's heart can give.
      Witnessing One-to-One.
      We go out to evangelize. It's the first word in Jesus' great commission to his disciples: Go. Once we've evangelized someone we invite them to learn to share their own story so that God may see a rich harvest of faith in this generation.
      Stations of the Cross on the Quad
      Catholic students pray the Stations of the Cross on Northeastern University campus in the heart of Boston. Surrounded by people going about their business, our students witness that this Friday - Good Friday - is not just another day of the week.
      Our Message is Christ
      We are a new movement of the Holy Spirit bringing our witness to the deep satisfaction that comes from knowing the Love of Christ. It's the basis of all we do and the satisfaction of our consecrated hearts.
      Breaking Bread Together.
      Each Saturday we gather as a community in our homes to celebrate the Lord's Day with songs of praise and a festive meal. It's the high point of our week. "How good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity." Ps. 133:1
      Hope for AIDS Orphans in Africa
      Over the years we've led service teams of college students around the world to serve the poor in Mexico, Tanzania and Calcutta. Our witness of hope has built close bonds with local charities and helped students see both material and spiritual poverty.
      Called to Evangelize
      We equip the lay faithful to take up the full mission of the Church that flows from their baptism. Pope Paul VI wrote, when "the person who has been evangelized goes on to evangelize others. Here lies the test of truth, the touchstone of evangelization."
      Brother Ken Apuzzo Sr. 1936 - 2005
      Brother Ken went home in 2005 but his memory lives in the hearts of so many who were touched by his remarkable life. Husband and father, whose son became a brother and who then became a brother himself after the passing of his wife. A remarkable life.
    • About the Brotherhood of Hope
      The Brotherhood of Hope is a community of Catholic Brothers radically consecrated to Jesus by vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience in a common fraternal life. We advance the gospel primarily by reaching out to inactive or uncommitted Catholic students at secular universities. We foster deep conversion to Christ and his Church, build evangelistic communities, and train leaders to empower others with Christ’s liberating hope.
    • 50 Years a Father
      This year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Fr. Philip Merdinger's ordination. As our founder, father and dear friend, we share the great joy in his fruitful priesthood that has so deeply touched our lives and the lives of many others. 

      Of this journey, our Founder writes:
            "...the Lord pursued me and through the Catholic charismatic renewal he brought me to himself in a new and life-changing way. It was through his personal intervention that I encountered the Father and the Holy Spirit in a manner heretofore unknown. It was in him, in Jesus, that I opened up to his lordship, to other holy women and men, to new movements of the Holy Spirit and to the first intimations of what would become a new community of celibate Brothers, the Brotherhood of Hope.
           We are a new family in the order of grace composed primarily of Brothers, celibate men bound together by vows, a common way of life and a mission of evangelization and discipleship formation particularly on the campuses of secular universities. Excepting the Sacramental ministry, this Brotherhood is the most profound and daring expression of the priesthood of Jesus Christ in my life. To him I owe everything; to him I want to give everything. Laus tibi Christe!"
    • Lives Transformed in Christ

      Lives Transformed in Christ

      Learn more about the difference we're making in the lives of young people on college campuses.

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